Management consulting services

– Business analysis

How well do you know the environment inside your organization from different dimensions? Have you ever examined the strengths and weaknesses of your organization? How much do you check the external environment and the effects and risks of external developments on your organization? We are ready to review your organization according to the BABOK guide and based on the analysis of business capabilities, to give you a big picture and help you with your strategic planning.

Business analysis is a set of processes and tasks that implements change in an organization by determining needs and recommending solutions that create value for stakeholders. Business analysis enables the organization to articulate the needs and rationale for an organizational change, as well as provide value-creating solutions. Business analysis is done based on different projects and programs in an organization. The plan may be strategic, tactical or operational. Business analysis may be done within the boundaries of a project or for the entire organization and includes the continuous improvement of the organization. It can be used to understand the current state, define the future state, and determine the activities required to move from the current state to the future state. In an organization where the business analysis system has been implemented correctly, the organization knows its current situation (including problems and opportunities) correctly and has a clear roadmap for solving problems and achieving opportunities.

By consulting and continuously training your organization’s teams, you can gradually transfer the knowledge and experience of business analysis to your organization. C.C.I consultants will be with your internal teams until the result is achieved. The advantage of this method is the institutionalization of a systematic approach to business analysis and its continuous improvement in the organization based on internal work and knowledge management is realized.

By outsourcing business analysis to us, you can entrust the establishment of the continuous routine of business analysis in your organization to an experienced and professional team, consisting of the best universities in the country, form the business analysis unit in your organization, and avoid the trials and errors that may occur in other methods. prevent and benefit from implementation experiences in other organizations.

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– Business process Improvement  management

How well are your organization’s processes designed? What are the current complications in this area? According to the maturity assessment method of the American Quality and Productivity Center, we at C.C.I can get a good understanding of your organizational process system and provide you with the things that need to be improved in the form of a valuable knowledge report.

No business can afford to stand still. Global competition and rapid innovation are raising the bar for organizations to continually develop new products, increase customer satisfaction, improve quality, and reduce costs. Every organization needs operational excellence.

In some cases, business leaders may know where they have opportunities for strategic improvements. In other cases, however, the task can be overwhelming, with business processes spanning multiple functions across multiple geographies. Where do you focus your business process improvement efforts to gain the greatest benefit with the least amount of effort?

Focused Approach to Business Process Management (BPM)

An exhaustive effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all business processes is rarely justified. Our consulting methodology, rather, is to identify the areas of highest priority, with the greatest payback, and where the recommendations have the greatest likelihood of being implemented.

We do this with a broad-based data collection effort to prioritize the business processes most critical to organizational success and also in most need of improvement. For each selected process, our business process consultants then conduct a high-level business process framing exercise to define process boundaries, process owners and key actors, major steps, issues, and the vision for improvement. Our “six-pillar analysis” evaluates a broad set of process enablers: workflow, information systems, incentives, human resources, policies, and facilities. If the effort is warranted, we also map the processes in their “as-is” state.

Based on the level of improvement needed, our consultants then design the to-be processes. Process-specific redesign falls into three main categories:

Formalize the Process. For processes that perform at an acceptable level, it may be enough to simply formalize them through process modeling and process mapping, by documenting roles, responsibilities, major activities, and performance criteria, and then training and coaching process actors throughout the organization on the formalized process.

Improve the Process. Processes that are substandard in terms of cost, schedule, or quality may need optimization, but not wholesale process transformation. Here, our recommendations may be to eliminate waste, combine tasks, do activities in parallel, automate elements of the process, or apply industry best practices. The goal is reducing cycle time, improving quality, and optimizing costs.

Re-engineer the Process. Business processes that are beyond repair or show opportunity for breakthrough performance may require radical transformation through business process reengineering. Here, we facilitate breakthrough thinking and application of new technologies to achieve multiple times improvement in performance.

In implementing any major change initiative, it is also important to pay attention to the people side of change. Our consultants can also provide the expertise needed to develop the change management program, so that all process practitioners have the awareness, desire, knowledge, and skills needed for continuous improvement. Our change management framework also ensures that each major process has a process owner and process actors with defined roles, responsibilities, and process metrics.

Tools in Our Process Improvement Toolbox

Our consultants bring a variety of tools and methodologies for improving business processes, too numerous to list completely.

Our toolbox includes data-gathering tools, such as online surveys, interview questionnaires, and direct observation. We have an extensive portfolio of analysis tools such as process framing, value stream mapping, Ishikawa diagrams, root cause analysis, and Pareto analysis. We are especially fond of the Theory of Constraints, with its current and future reality tree and conflict-resolution diagramming, as well as lateral thinking for problem solving and finding breakthrough solutions.

For clients in the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail industries, our consultants are also skilled in lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, Kanban, kaizen, just-in-time, total quality management, and material flow optimization.

Not every process needs the same level of business process improvement. By analyzing and prioritizing your needs and focusing your efforts, you can achieve significant improvement in profitability and gain competitive advantage in the shortest time possible.

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– Strategic planning and OKR implementation

Strategic planning is a management process for evaluating your current business, determining your strategic direction, and laying out a roadmap of strategic initiatives. A strategic plan explains why an organization exists, what it intends to accomplish, and the tactics it will take to achieve its goals and objectives.

When a company has developed a strong understanding of its strategic objectives through a facilitated workshop, Quinlan & Associates can be engaged for our comprehensive range of strategy consulting services. From corporate strategy development and M&A to new market entry and organizational design, our consultants have completed projects across a full-suite of high-profile topics.

Once engaged, we will be in a position to advise you with a clear understanding of your current business performance, where you want to go and how you intend to get there, allowing us to provide focused advice that is reflective of your company’s specific needs, wants and resource limitations.

Our Approach to Strategy Consulting

Our approach is collaborative, forming a team with key leaders within the client’s organization, and developing the business strategy in below main phases.

Strategy Development

We have extensive experience advising companies on their strategy development. We can articulate and define your company’s strategy at the group, business-unit and country-level, supporting your objectives with robust financial planning and analysis.

Organizational Strategy

Our consultants have experience advising small-to-medium enterprises and blue chip companies on their organizational strategy, including organizational design, regulatory positioning, corporate governance and talent management.

 Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide world-class M&A consulting services for clients looking to acquire or merge with another firm. This includes target screening and valuation, financial and strategic due diligence, as well as post-merger integration planning.

Revenue Growth

We can help you identify key revenue gaps and opportunities for your organization. This can include organic or inorganic growth planning, as well as new market entry strategy. Our advice centers on targeting optimum revenue pools against your company’s core capabilities and resource constraints.

Cost Reduction

We can help to streamline your company’s cost base to improve your bottom line. Our strategy consulting services include tactical cost minimization strategies, structural cost reduction strategies and optimizing your procurement and supply chain processes.

Sales & Distribution

Our sales and distribution consulting services help our clients to understand their latest customer insights, optimize their client coverage models, and develop appropriate customer segmentation and client management strategies.

Industry Analytics

We are committed to helping our clients better understand the environment in which they operate through smart data analytics. Our services include market and industry analysis, competitor benchmarking, revenue pool sizing and client wallet analysis.

Product Strategy

We have considerable expertise advising companies on their product strategy, with projects covering product development & design, product segmentation, pricing and identifying appropriate marketing channels.

IT & Operations

Our IT & Operations strategy consulting services cover a number of key back-end and technology issues, including process re-engineering, target operating model setup, operational platform streamlining, as well as IT and CRM Strategy.

We at C.C.I can advise you in the field of business Strategic planning and OKR implementation. If you would like to discuss this service, fill out the form below.

– Enterprise Architecture

Your company’s Enterprise architecture is critical to achieving your company’s vision. Today’s demands require an architecture that is highly scalable, agile, flexible, and cloud-ready. Whether you could use some expertise for fine-tuning your current architecture, or you need assistance with a complete overhaul, we’re here to help.

C.C.I Consulting team of experienced Enterprise Architects, designers, and builders help companies navigate the chaos, improve performance, and achieve their visions.

Leveraging expertise in both business and IT, they work with stakeholders across the organization—ranging from C-level executives, and departmental managers, to IT staff and subject matter experts—to gain a deep understanding of business strategy, processes, goals, and visions.

They create alignment and effectiveness by building linkages between your business and the technical delivery team. And they’re highly effective at doing this as a result of their unique blend of Architecture and Integration expertise, along with taking a practical approach to Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, and Infrastructure Architecture.

How Our Team Can Help

Our Enterprise Architecture Team can help you:

– Create a holistic view of your information assets, systems, data, and processes

– Identify and expose information assets needed to meet business objectives

– Break down silos wherever possible

– Find ways to reduce the complexity across systems and processes

– Define the systems, tools, and processes required to achieve company goals

Leveraging decades of Enterprise Architecture experience, our team has developed an EA Operating model to sift through all the complexity and help you build a program that’s right for your organization. It allows you to leverage a building block approach that can be implemented one block at a time or many blocks at a time.

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