Consultation service request form

While thanking you for your attention to CCI Group for consulting and implementing management projects, in order to assess your needs and better understand your expectations and desires, if you have the RFP for the services you want, please send it to us via email. Otherwise, please complete the form below. C.C.I specialists will check the forms and finally give you an answer within 5 working days.

Part I: General information

    Your name
    Your organizational position
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    name of organization
    Type of organization
    Number of Staff
    established year
    The country where the organization is located
    The city where the organization is located
    field of activity
    Organization website address
    In what field are you interested in consulting or project? It is also possible to choose several optionsyear
    The exact title of the project
    Project objectives
    Description of services and expected outputs
    In this section, state what you expect from the outputs of the project and consulting services. Please don't limit yourself to the general outline and explain in detail. The more details you have, the better it will help you get to know us and serve you better.
    Description of the background of the project in your organization
    Has this project already been implemented in your organization? If the answer is positive, state the reasons for its success or failure, as well as the reasons for re-planning the project in the organization.
    What is your preference for how to do this project?
    What is the approximate time you expect to complete this project?
    Regarding the topic of this project, if you have documents that help us to know better, please send us via email.
    What is your preference for our communication channel?
    Hereby, while confirming the accuracy of the above contents, it declares that the filled information was recorded with high accuracy and enough time, therefore it reflects the needs of the organization well and C.C.I can use this information as a basis for analyzing and presenting the project proposal. CONFIRM