Business development consulting services

– Business architecture services (BM & BP)

The term business model is a relatively new term in management literature. As a simple comparison, note that the discussion of the business plan (Business Plan) with the same name is about two centuries old. While the term business model is barely two decades old.

What we know today as business plan (or business plan or business plan) was created after the industrial revolution and as a result of the demand (in fact: pressure) of banks. Banks, as institutions that could provide the capital needed by businesses and industries (in the form of loans or partnerships), expected the managers or owners of businesses to provide documents and reports and documentation that prove that their activities are profitable. and will have a good return on investment.

These documents, at first, were limited to estimating the financial flow and the needs of raw materials and salaries for workers, but gradually it became more complete and took the form of the business plan that we know today. Much of what we see as industry in the 19th and 20th centuries is related to the production of goods. Even the provision of services had a very mechanical form. Naturally, the business plan was usually set up in a completely mechanical way and with a relatively traditional framework, and the investor, whether as an individual or as an official institution such as a bank, based on the following questions and other similar questions, about participating or not participating. And also the participation framework decided:

– How much investment is required?

– When should the capital injection be done?

– What kind of land or workshop or factory is required?

– How many people with what expertise do we need?

– What will be the final price?

– How is the profit margin?

– Finally, what will the return on investment look like?

Our consultants in C.C.I are ready to help you with the best scientific and experimental methods in the design and architecture of your business or new business services, and by designing a business model as well as developing a business plan. thus manage and control possible risks in starting new businesses or services.

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– Market Entry and Market Research consulting services

Market Entry or new product or new service launch are challenges burdened with risk. During this type of investment, detailed knowledge about the market, identifying the needs of local consumers, and an effective market penetration strategy are all vital factors. Knowledge of these factors can significantly reduce the risk of failure and help your business take full advantage of growth opportunities.

We have helped over 100 companies enter new markets in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. This was possible thanks to our expertise in the field of market research and consumer research, a good understanding of local business models, and knowledge of growth strategies that really work.

We help you succeed in new markets

Our primary goal during consulting projects such as market entry is long-term market success of our clients. We can help you:

– learn about the market and the consumer,

– choose the right direction of development,

– take advantage of new business opportunities,

– minimize risk in investment decisions,

– maximize return on investment.

– We build effective market entry strategies

Market entry projects usually involve a series of operations. A right combination of the following elements gives our clients the support they need to build a lasting competitive advantage in a new market.

Market research

– Market analysis, which provides information about its value and growth potential in the coming years.

– Identification of factors which stimulate market growth, as well as barriers and any formal restrictions for entry into the market in question.

– Overview of the market, which identifies key market players (not just competitors, but also stakeholders that influence the shape and development of the market).

– Competitor analysis, indicating the strongest players along with their business models and sales models, products offered, as well as the dominant marketing strategies and pricing.

– Analysis of the business environment, which includes examining, among others, the legal or technological aspects of doing business in a particular market.

– Marketing research, which allows for a better understanding of potential customers and their needs, expectations and shopping habits.

Analysis of opportunities and threats

– Overview of new business opportunities that will open up to the investor when entering a new market.

– Identification of hazards and risks associated with the investment, together with developing the most likely scenarios.

– Overview of market niches for seeking opportunities to expand your area of operations in a new market.

– Determining market growth prospects, exploring possibilities and the scale of potential earnings in a new market.

– Researching opportunities for success in the context of the client’s objectives – determining whether the planned investment has economic and business rationale.


We advise on what decision to make: whether it is worth investing and what market segment has the highest sales potential.

We help identify business partners (e.g. suppliers or distributors) and we lead our clients through the process of negotiation, and through the early stages of cooperation.

We suggest a business model that has the best chance of succeeding in a new market, or in relation to a new product / service.

We create a market entry strategy, including recommendations for, among others, operations, supply, sales and marketing.

We develop a positioning strategy and business development strategy in the new market, including ways of dealing with investment risks.

We answer even the most difficult questions

By adopting this approach, we’re certain that our consulting services for market entry are fully professional, comprehensive and effective. It enables our clients to answer a number of tricky questions, e.g.:

– Will the investment in a new market be reflected in demand for the product?

– What opportunities and threats should be taken into account in building a business model?

– How strong is the competition in the target market? How is it likely to change in the near future?

– What products and services do local consumers need?

– How to effectively target consumers with our product offer?

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